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Despite enhancements to hiring practices, there are still job-seekers out there who have difficulties landing jobs and companies who struggle to find suitable workers. What more can be done to bridge the gap of these potential missed matches, and make the connection easier for both parties?

Job-seekers are more than just pieces of a resume. Employers on the other hand should not have to go through layers of bureaucracy to find the candidate they need. The traditional notions of what job-seekers and employers expect from one another may not necessarily be applicable today. Thus, it’s time to review and redesign the way job-seekers and employers find each other.


As a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower, Workforce Singapore endeavours to help Singaporeans meet their career aspirations and take on quality jobs at different stages of life. We also help companies address their manpower needs and remain competitive. To more effectively help both groups find each other means that we need to step up our job matching process.

We want to re-imagine the process of how employers identify potential candidates and take less time to hire them. We also want to reduce the time taken for job-seekers to find employers who are looking for them. Is there any novel way to do so?

If you have an idea of how, we welcome you to join us at the our Hackathon!


Getting to know the candidate

Finding talent for SME growth

Enhancing the employment process

Why You Should Join

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Learn new skills and insights from fellow Hackathon participants

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Collaborate with other
innovators on your solution.

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Pitch your prototype to industry and
government leaders.

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Get Rewarded!

Stand to win the top prize of $5,000!

Key Dates

Content Workshop

Thursday, 30 August

Learn about current and upcoming employment trends
and discover innovation opportunities.

Workforce Singapore Hackathon

Friday-Sunday, 7-9 September

Consult expert mentors, prototype your solution,
and pitch to a panel of government and industry leaders!


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First Prize


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Second Prize


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Third Prize


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Merit Prize

$1,000 x 2

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