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The Workforce Singapore Hackathon invites you to propose new solutions that help our workers meet their career aspirations and secure quality jobs, whilst addressing the needs of employers.

We want to better understand the diverse qualities of candidates; to empower traditional SMEs to find and employ new talent; and to enhance the process of bringing together jobseekers and employers and improve the overall job-matching.

Think beyond the universal way of using a CV to apply for a job that is advertised as a job description. There is a wealth of solutions being tested in Singapore and overseas, addressing different parts of the job-matching and hiring process today. How can we build on these ideas to ensure that they fit the Singapore context?

Importantly, we are looking for solutions that require minimal time and effort for both the candidates and / or employers to adopt, or present a really compelling reason for either or both groups to change their behaviours.  Your solution should be practical for the user or industry stakeholders to adopt, and scalable.


Getting to know the candidate

The common hiring practice starts with and is focused around the standard resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV). A 20th-century invention, the CV aims to define the candidate.  However, it does not adequately communicate the depth and breadth of a person's interests, personality and values, due to its written form, strict norms, and a concentration on paid work experience and formal credentials.

  • How might we use new data, media, technologies, etc. to capture and communicate the different dimensions of a candidate?
  • How might we extract the information and insights into the transferable skills of candidates in industries vulnerable to disruptions, so we can better match them to jobs they may not have considered before, particularly in emerging sectors or growing industries?


Finding talent for SME growth

Traditional Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are at the heart of the Singapore economy, employing roughly two thirds of the workforce. Whilst not a homogenous group, these SMEs commonly face the same challenge of adopting best practices without their own dedicated Human Resource personnel. They struggle to attract the right people to power their business growth.

  • How can we help traditional SMEs to better understand and articulate their needs, and create greater visibility of these opportunities beyond a ‘traditional’ job description posting?
  • How might we enable traditional SMEs to compete with larger, more recognised companies and newer, sexier startups in attracting the talent they need?


Enhancing the employment process

The hiring process - from filtering candidates, to interviews and follow-ups - takes up a lot of time and energy from both employers and potential employees. Jobseekers are frustrated by the lack of updates on their applications and feedback on their suitability for the position. On the flip side, SMEs are overwhelmed by the number and diversity of applicants and the variety and complexity of jobs platforms. In other words, both parties do not always have the information they need to make the best decisions.  

  • How might we incentivise and enable SMEs to more actively manage the hiring process and share feedback with the applicants, which in turn provides candidates with support during their job search?

  • How might we better match the rich information of experience, skills, and aspirations with the business needs of employers, so jobseekers can be more targeted in their applications?


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