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We curated some articles and reports about the current and upcoming trends in career planning and job-seeking. They might provide some useful background and insights to inform your solution at the Hackathon. Take a look!

Workforce Singapore (WSG)'s Adapt and Grow programmes

Factsheet On (PDF)

Making Technology Work for Workers

Hiring in the Digital Age: What's Next for Recruiting?

AI In HR: A Real Killer App


Existing Solutions

Job matching is a popular area for innovation across the world, and people have already tried their hand at building solutions to make various parts of the process smoother. We curated a list of existing solutions that you can study and build upon for better solutions.

The resume of the future will tell employers who you are, and not just what you’ve done

Faster, better job matches? Singapore start-ups look to redefine career searches

Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2018