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Social Innovators Hack!


Social Innovations are all around us – Sharing Economy, Urban Farming, Open University and Microcredit. These are examples of novel solutions to social problems that are more effective, sustainable and efficient, and involve collaborations between the private, public and people sectors.

In Singapore, businesses are starting to embrace the concept of Social Innovation. As part of a new breed of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), these Social Enterprises combine social mission and business – they are Businesses with a Cause.

Singapore is now home to over 400 Social Enterprises striving to transform such diverse sectors as education, food and beverage,the arts, etc. and to create a more inclusive world for youth-at-risk, people with disabilities, the elderly and other marginalised groups. For the Social Innovators Hack! we teamed up with Social Innovation Park and HPE Helion to uncover solutions that would help strengthen Singapore’s growing Social Enterprise sector.

At this hackathon, participants were exposed to the challenges of the Social sector. They sparked new ways to foster stronger collaborations and communications amongst people in the private, public and people sectors, and build a robust social marketplace to accelerate the growth of the Social sector.

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