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HDB Cool Ideas Hack

Singapore’s vision is to become the world’s first Smart Nation — a nation that provides opportunities for all and creates the conditions for a caring and gracious society, whilst doing so in a sustainable manner in our built environment.

HDB, which provides homes for over 80% of us, is pivotal in realising this vision. Stronger community bonds where we live add to a happier, healthier nation. The more connected we are both physically and emotionally, the more the opportunity for us to care for one another.


Equally, understanding the environment in which we live and our impact on the quality of our environment provide us with a shared purpose and a means to make a positive impact.

At the HDB Cool Ideas Hack we challenged participants — students, professionals, and startups — to create technology-enabled solutions that help us connect with and care for our neighbours, share relevant information quickly and easily, and take care of the environment as a community.