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Clean & Green Hackathon 2015


Singapore has been recognised internationally for being a clean and green city.  Public education on anti-littering has been ongoing since 1968.  However, there is much left to do to turn Singapore from a “cleaned” city to a clean city. In a study conducted by NEA in 2010, four out of 10 people indicated they would litter out of convenience if they knew they could get away with it.

This can be observed especially at several public events (e.g. football matches, concerts, etc.) where large amounts of litter can be found.


Most recently in January 2015, it was reported in the news that large amount of litter were left behind by event-goers at Laneway Festival.  

An active and gracious community respects the environment and one another by caring about their neighbourhoods and shared spaces.  These shared spaces may be the void decks in our HDB estates, the park connectors, the surrounds of our sporting and entertainment facilities, and everywhere in between.  Everyone in the community is responsible for ensuring these spaces are litter-free.

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